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PO BOX 750, Southampton, New York 11969

Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency

The Suffolk County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency (“SCTPVA”) in Hauppauge handles non-criminal traffic tickets (speeding, cell phone, lane change violations, etc.) issued in the towns of Babylon, Brookhaven, Huntington, Islip and Smithtown (except for tickets issued in villages within these Towns which have their own traffic court, e.g., the Village of Port Jefferson, and the Village of Islandia). Speeding tickets and other traffic tickets are returned to the SCTPVA either by mail to PO Box 9000, Smithtown, NY 11787 or in person to the SCTPVA located on the ground floor of 100 Veteran’s Memorial Highway, Hauppauge, NY 12228 (commonly known as the Dennison Building). The SCTPVA operates Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Thursday evenings.

We appear for drivers in the SCTPVA on a pretrial basis to plea bargain tickets with the prosecutors for the purpose of obtaining point reductions. However, the SCTPVA takes a tough stand in cases which involve drivers who are repeat offenders (e.g., drivers with prior speeding convictions and tickets), drivers who have less than full driving privileges (i.e., learner’s permits and junior licenses), drivers who have probationary licenses and those who actions have allegedly created a serious risk to public safety (e.g., passing a stopped school bus or failing to yield to a police vehicle). Also, while we are able to obtain reduced violations and avoid points for drivers on many types of speeding tickets and other traffic violations, the fines imposed by the SCTPVA on tickets which are reduced to parking violations are HEAVY (e.g., the fine plus surcharges on a parking violation reduced from a speeding ticket may be as high as $480.00). The SCTPVA will grant time for the payment of fines in most instances to drivers who are represented by attorneys. Drivers with tickets for moving violations should think very carefully before pleading guilty by mail because a conviction will result in points on the driver’s record and may trigger the imposition of a Driver Responsibility Assessment by DMV.

Drivers with speeding tickets and other traffic tickets in the SCTPVA need to be aware that the return date on the ticket is the conference date unless an attorney acting for the driver has re-scheduled the conference. A failure to appear for a conference on a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket in the SCTPVA will result in a suspension of the motorist’s driving privileges and a default conviction after a certain period of time. Also, if a fine is not paid by due date, the SCTPVA will impose a late fee of $50.00 and fine may DOUBLE after 30 days and TRIPLE after 60 days.

Drivers can contact our office and receive a no-charge consultation for SCTPVA tickets. How a driver responds to and deals with a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket returnable to the SCTPVA will have great bearing on whether a driver receives points on his/her driving record and other penalties as a consequence of the ticket.

Our process

Paul Tuths takes a personal, hands-on approach to the defense of your traffic violation case. He will interview you over the telephone and through emails and review your documentation to obtain as much information as possible regarding the circumstances surrounding your moving violation. He will provide you with detailed information on how to respond to the traffic ticket and enter a plea of NOT GUILTY. After the ticket is returned to the court with a plea of not guilty, Paul Tuths will set a court conference date at which time he will appear on your behalf and discuss a proposed reduction or dismissal with the prosecutor. We are able to proceed in court without your personal appearance based upon your written authorization in order to obtain a final disposition to your traffic ticket or summons. We will prepare the authorization letter for you to sign. From start to finish, Paul Tuths will be the attorney personally handling your case. We DO NOT farm out cases to other attorneys to make our court appearances on traffic tickets. We use our years of experience in the traffic courts of Long Island to get the best possible result for you. At the conclusion of the court case, Paul Tuths will contact you to advise you of the final disposition, the fine imposed by the court (unless the ticket has been dismissed) and the date by which payment of the fine is due.


We charge on a flat rate basis for our legal services on most traffic law matters. The amount of the charge depends on the number and nature of the traffic
violations which the driver has received. Our flat rate charge covers all services including review of the traffic charges and driving record, consultations and
correspondence with the driver, court appearance and final wrap-up with the driver. There is no charge for an initial consultation on traffic violations. Our fee does not include any fines and surcharges which may be imposed by a court. All fines and surcharges are the sole responsibility of the driver. Payment of fines must be received at the court by the due date. If payment is not received by the due date, driving privileges will be subject to suspension by the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles.

We do accept credit cards but clients may also pay our fee with a personal check or money order.