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PO BOX 750, Southampton, New York 11969

Traffic Violations Attorney Serving Suffolk County, New York

Client Reviews (please note: prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome and that results vary from court to court)

Paul gave me good and honest advice on a call and didn’t even charge me for it. Outstanding and kind individual!

6.30.2024, J. S., Google

I couldn’t be happier with the representation I received from Paul Tuths, Esq. I was facing two moving violations, which would’ve amounted to 6 points on my license. Paul went to court on my behalf and was able to get them knocked down to a single parking violation with a small fine and no points. Highly recommend.

6.03.2024, B. G., Google

Amazing lawyer. Made the process so easy . My daughter’s 8 pt speeding ticket got knocked down to a parking violation thanks to Paul. Highly recommend.

5.31.2024, T. D., Google

I highly recommend Tuths & Tuths law firm. I worked directly with Paul. He was knowledgeable, responsive and efficient. Most importantly – he was effective. Paul advised of the outcome I could expect and delivered on it. Great experience!

5.14.2024, M. M., Findlaw

Highly recommend Paul! I actually found him from reading reviews, he was super helpful with a silly Southampton ticket. You won’t be sorry!

4.29.2024, L. C., Google

Paul Tuths is awesome . I’m a CDL driver & can’t afford to have infractions on my license . Got a 4 point speeding ticket bumped to a crosswalk violation. Paul communicated with me well throughout the process as well as being responsive. If you get a ticket in the Hamptons , he’s your guy.

4.11.2024, I. M., Google

Responsive, and highly efficient.

2.22.2024, G. S.-R., Google

Working with Paul was easy and pleasant. He was highly responsive, knew exactly what to do to resolve the matter, and kept in contact throughout the process. While I don’t recommend getting pulled over in Southampton Village, I do recommend working with Paul Tuths if you happen to!

11.27.2023, H. K., Google

Paul Tuths was spot on.

11.29.2023, W. R., Google

Paul is fantastic! Great communication, keeps you well informed, and always pushes for the best outcome! He is honest and very helpful!

10.18.2023, E. R., Google

Excellent job, would 100% recommend. Prompt communication and super knowledgeable.

1o.o2.2023, G. A. B., Google

Paul has been amazingly helpful with my case. Thanks a lot!!

10.02.2023, J. L., Google

I was given two tickets for my inspection and failure to stop. Called Paul immediately, he took the pain out of everything. cost was fair, able to drop me down to a simple parking ticket. hopefully i don’t need to use him again but he would be a first to call if i do.

09.13.2023, Z. H., Google

Zero points make Paul worth every penny!

08.26.2023, M. B., Google

Paul was great with representing me in court for a moving violation. He responded quickly to my inquiry for his services, and he followed through for me in every aspect! I would highly recommend Paul as an attorney.

8.23.23, B. S., Findlaw

Great experience working with Paul Tuths. He was very easy to reach and responded to my questions promptly. In the end he appeared on my behalf in court and got three tickets that would have been hundreds of dollars and many points down to one parking ticket with a small fine and 0 points. I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with traffic tickets in the area and I would absolutely use his services again.

08.18.2023, A. M., Google

Paul helped me to reduced two traffic tickets suppose to be a few points + cash fine down to one ticket reduced cash fine, and dismissed the other. This is a great result, and I highly recommend him especially for someone who got ticket around the east Hampton long island.

8.20.2023, V. Z., Google

Paul has helped me numerous times. I highly recommend his services for all traffic violations on the east end.

8.14.2023, E. M., Google

Paul was unbelievable. Handled everything – court prep, court appearance, etc. Got everything I was ticketed for dismissed. He could have charged me twice what he did!

7.20.2023, L. E., Google

I highly recommend Paul Tuths for traffic law matters in Southampton, NY. He clearly communicated the process, potential outcomes, and kept me updated throughout. He handled all of the leg work and generated the positive outcome I was hoping for.

6.27.2023, P. P., Findlaw

Very professional and a pleasure to work with. The outcome was better than expected.

6.27.2023, A. C., Findlaw

Paul was extremely responsive and very knowledgeable. Information was laid out and a very easy process. I highly recommend Paul.

4.23.2023, M. R., Google

Very pleased with the services here. Expectations given on on consult we’re clearly and professionally defined and delivered.

4.24.2023, D. B., Findlaw

Very happy with the outcome. Paul was professional and upfront with expectations. Points reduced from 8 to 2. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

4.21.2023, G. M., Findlaw

Very happy with the service. I was looking for a law firm to represent me on a traffic violation in the Hamptons area. I reached out to a few of them, including Tuths & Tuths and set up a consultation. Very clear and efficient process and communication, flexible on information sharing and very responsive. Clearly laid out expectations, next steps, action items and potential outcome, which we ended up getting.

2.28.2023, E. P., Findlaw

Mr. Tuths was very responsive, transparent, and a great communicator. I am grateful for his help and expertise.

2.25.2023, B. K., Findlaw

Great experience. I was looking for a law firm that was familiar with traffic violations on the east end of Long Island. I reached out to Tuths & Tuths and set up a consultation to review my situation. They made the whole process quick and easy. Most importantly, we got the outcome we wanted.

2.24.2023, M. L., Findlaw

It was such a pleasure working with Paul. I appreciated that he kept me informed throughout the process, and did exactly what he said he would. Violation reduced to zero points. Totally recommend!

1.27.2023, C. M., Google

This is the best lawyer out there. Don’t waste your time. Mr Tuths is the best.

12.19.2022, R. S., Findlaw

Paul was responsive and professional. Overall great experience.

12.05.2022, V. M., Google

Mr. Tuths knows what he is doing and is reliable and solid. His communication was top notch. I highly recommend him!! Before you pay a ticket, reach out to Mr. Tuths. You will not be sorry.

11.14.2022, S. B., Google

Paul is very experienced, professional, and easy to communicate with. I have worked with him twice now, and both times he was able to get the best possible result for me.

11.11.2022, A. K., Google

Paul Tuths exceeded my expectations. he was able to get a red light ticket completely dismissed. i never had to reach out to him. he communicated from start to finish. he is on top of his game!!!

10.19.2022, K.B., Yelp

A true professional. Paul handled my case with care and expertise, Leading to a complete dismissal in a notoriously unsympathetic court.

10.18.2022, W. R., Findlaw

Reliable, quick correspondence and has a great report. He answers all questions and hesitations you may have.

10.24.2022, T. W.,  Google

Paul was able to assist me with a matter and obtain the result he predicted at the price quoted. I highly recommend Paul.

10.3.2022, J. R., Yelp

Excellent service. Great communication. Kept me updated on my case.

09.19.2022, S. R., Findlaw

Paul did an impressive job for me. I had a speeding ticket in Westhampton Beach a month ago and he walked me through the process and appeared in court on my behalf. He charged a reasonable fee and was extremely professional, helpful, and reliable. I highly recommend Paul and his firm.

09.14.2022, S. P., Findlaw

Very helpful with my case. Presented what I needed to know in a short and clear manner and walked me through my options efficiently. Mr. Tuths was incredibly professional and got exactly what was needed done. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who i know who may be in a similar situation as I.

09.12.2022, C. B., Findlaw

Great job, does what he says. Very responsive. Would recommend

09.12.2022, S. S., Findlaw

Paul was great to work with. Very professional and did exactly what he said he would, even better. I highly recommend him and hope I never have to use him in the future, but if I do, I look forward to it. Thank you very much.

Paul delivered way beyond my expectations. He kept me informed and gave me a resolution I could not be happier with

08.30.2022, J.M., Findlaw

08.25.2022, J. A., Google

Great experience. I can’t publish details about my case so I will just say I had a minor issue that another lawyer wasn’t able to address that Paul did. He charges a really fair price if you call around you will see. And got results. He knows what he is doing and spoke to me from his experience from the beginning telling me the probable outcomes. I was able to land with a really good outcome. Really thankful for an honest exchange. Recommend

08.09.2022. L.M., Findlaw

Paul was excellent! very easy to get a consultation. He explained the possible outcomes thoroughly and was very transparent. He is very professional, great communication and responds in a timely manner. He told me everything he needed from me ahead of time which was very convenient. Aside from appearing in court for me, he was able to get one of my tickets dismissed and the other one reduced, resulting in no points. Overall very happy with the outcome and experience, I will definitely be recommending his services.

07.22.2022, Brianna M., Findlaw

Five stars great job, results were better than I expected.

07.22.2022, R. C., Findlaw

Paul is absolutely the best and gets the job done. Strongly recommend.

07.07.2022, Ryan, D., Google

Mr. Tuths is the utmost professional. After receiving a steep traffic ticket accompanying points + fine, Mr. Tuths obtained a favorable outcome. He is honest and direct, and as long as you’re the same, the process will be seamless. I have already sent his contact info to several of my friends.

06.21.2022, E. P., Google

Paul helped me out a traffic situation that I had no idea how to navigate on my own. He explained the process, its possible outcomes and communicated promptly. In the end, I am very pleased with the resolution, as all his efforts made the judgment favorable.

06.03.2022. M. U., Findlaw

Paul has helped me on two occasions now regarding a few unfortunate tickets I’ve received. He has been incredibly responsive and thorough in his work. I would greatly recommend his services to anyone that has any issues with tickets or the like.

05.12.2022, M. W.,  Findlaw

Paul was clear, consistent and most importantly delivered an outcome for my speeding ticket that I didn’t ever think could happen. Zero points is as good as it gets!! Very fair price and well worth the outcome. Thanks Paul!!!

03.24.2022, D. O., Google

Paul did a great job. Knocked my ticket down from points to no points and a simple fine. Thanks Paul

3.17.2022, J. F., Findlaw

Paul is extremely reliable, affordable, and fair. He’s very responsive via email and was always very clear when explaining any legal information to me about my case. Thank you so much for your help Paul!!

02.03.2022. S. P., Google

Paul was efficient and effective at helping me dispute my speeding ticket. Everything he said that would happen in terms of when, where, how and why occurred just as he laid out,

12.14.2021, Martindale-Hubell

Paul Tuths is a consummate professional who knows his trade inside and out, as well as being very personable. Thanks to him, the process of dealing with my traffic case was streamlined and easy, achieving the best possible outcome. He has my unqualified recommendation.

12.10.2021, M. C., Findlaw

Paul has helped my husband and me with a few nasty traffic tickets and we have had the best results possible. Paul is helpful, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone

11.27.2021, S. M., Google

Extremely helpful and professional. He explains all the options and tries to get the best possible outcome for clients. Great communication throughout the process, a very kind demeanor, even through email. This is 100% the person to speak to and work with if you have a traffic ticket in Riverhead/Hamptons area.  Thank you for an amazing job.

11.16.2021, M. P., Yelp

Paul was incredibly professional and took care of my legal matters swiftly. Would highly recommend him!

10.27.2021, P. D., Findlaw

I called Paul after I got a speeding ticket on highway 27. He was incredibly responsive and helpful, and was able to perform as advertised in helping me work through my plead. Can’t recommend enough

10.25.2021, J. B., Google

I engaged Paul for help with a traffic ticket. He quickly guided me through all the appropriate actions to take prior to appearing for my hearing. I am very pleased with the outcome and highly recommend him!

10.07.2021, E. K., Google

We are so happy we found this lawyer to help with our traffic ticket. He was fast to reply , honest and he delivered what was promised.

10.05.2021. B., Google

Paul got the result he promised. Prompt and clear service. All I could ask for. Would use him again if needed!

09.17.2021, D. T., Findlaw

Paul has helped me now twice, on separate occasions, with my traffic tickets — one for speeding and another for using cell phone while in vehicle. I reached out to him recently (Aug 2021) at the very last minute and he responded within a few hours and took care of the case immediately. He sent emails with updates, answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. I was also very happy with the outcomes… both, speeding and phone related tickets were reduced to zero points parking violation! His expertise and professionalism is greatly appreciated.

09.14.2021, D. A., Google

The second mistake you can make ( the first one being getting a ticket) is to show up at the courthouse by yourself. Let Paul, the professional that he is to represent you. If I could give him 10 stars I would. Just amazing

09.02.2021, K. M., Google

Paul is Excellent! He is professional, friendly and has a very calm demeanor. He never rushed me, was very reassuring and kept in touch with me through every step of the process. He reduced my speeding ticket to a parking ticket with 0 points. Can’t ask for anything more than that. He handled everything from start to finish and I was not inconvenienced in the least. I never had to step foot in a courtroom. I would not hesitate to use Paul Tuths again in the future. Hopefully I won’t have to.

08.27.2021, K. S., Findlaw

Paul Tuths was so helpful and professional. Always available to speak to or email. Was able to reduce my son’s speeding ticket form 8 points to zero points. I was so upset about the ticket but he calmed me down and was able to help us so much. Paul appeared in court on my son’s behalf so he wouldn’t have to miss any work.
Endorsements: Good at explaining, Knowledgeable, Professional, Reliable, Responsive, Won my case!

08.26.2021, Martindale-Hubell

Great experience with Paul. My wife was cited with a school zone ticket and it would have been 6 points and a big fine. We contacted Paul and he handled promptly and professionally. We sent him the information, signed over the case, and a few weeks later, we received a message from Paul that the case was dismissed. the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Paul.

08.16.2021, M. G., Google

Paul was clear about what he could do for my traffic violation, and he was successful. Highly recommended!

08.18.2021, S. B., Findlaw

I found Paul through research on what to do about my first speeding ticket. The reviews were totally accurate – Paul was extremely responsive, easy to work with, and very transparent about the whole process. This was my first time hiring a lawyer, so I was nervous to trust someone I had never met but it was an extremely positive experience. Definitely recommend!

08.03.2021, E. P., Findlaw

Professional, responsive, and effective. Paul managed the entire process, and was able to provide the best outcome for me. Highly recommended.

7.30.2021, M. M., Findlaw

Paul is excellent and exceed expectations! From start to finish he was professional and swift in his action and communication.

7.13.2021, Findlaw

Paul is excellent! From the very first phone call he had a very calming demeanor and friendly disposition. He told me exactly what he could do for me in regards to a speeding ticket. He is confident and reassuring. He successfully took care of my case. He communicated very clearly and consistently in all matters related to my case. I highly recommend him and his firm.

6.11.2021, Ron. W., Findlaw

I highly recommend working with Paul Tuths if you need a legal representative for an automotive related issue in Suffolk County. The fees for his services was reasonable, he communicated clearly over the phone and via email throughout the process, and he delivered good results. He is a Pro.

6.2.2021. Evan J., Google

Dealing with Paul Tuths was a great and easy experience. He explained exactly what he could do with my speeding ticket and he executed exactly what he promised as a lesser charge. Most importantly he kept me updated throughout the process. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone.

5.30.2021, Andrew. A., Findlaw

I’ve used Paul for a couple different cases and he has been nothing but a pleasure to work with throughout the process. The outcome of every ticket was better than I had expected! He is a great guy who is passionate about what he does and I highly recommend him!

5.20.2021, C. J., Google

His responsiveness to my inquiry it his services was impeccable. Within an hour he got back to me and explained the process in which he would use to take on my case. He even planned out his steps strategically so that he could have the best possible outcome for my case. All and all definitely would recommend him again

5.06.2021, Martindale-Hubell

I would retain Mr. Tuths again and would recommend him to family and friends. He advised what the expected outcome of a speeding violation would be and delivered on that expectation. I am very happy that I used his services and the results.

4.28.2021, Martindale-Hubell

The policeman bashed roof and window.. Paul Tuths calmed me. Reduced 3 points to 0 and parking ticket!
Endorsements: Compassionate, Determined, Good at explaining, Knowledgeable, Organized, Professional, Reliable, Responsive, Trustworthy, Won my case!

4.28.2021, Martindale-Hubell

Paul negotiated a no points parking fine for my speeding ticket I received on the Sunrise Highway (Exit 65). Two things I learned. Watch your speedometer, and if you cant do that, call Paul Tuths, esq. He is very professional and communicative.

3.23.2021, R. T., Google

I highly recommend Paul! He is very professional and responds quickly with fair pricing! I am so pleased with the outcome

3.22.2021, C. M., Google

I was fined with a speeding ticket but Paul downgraded my speeding violation to parking with no points. Excellent service, super professional and great communication !!! Thanks Paul.

3.23.2021, B. Y., Yelp

Great experience. Responsive and is very good at what he does. I have used Paul twice now, and both times he has exceeded my expectations. He is also transparent and makes you feel assured that he will take care of the matter at hand.

2.24.2021, C. T., Google

Paul is great! Quick to respond and walk you through everything. He reduced my 6 point speeding ticket in Southampton to 0 points. I highly recommend hiring Paul!

2.16.2021, J. O., Google

Working with Paul on a traffic violation was an extremely easy process and led to a great result. Highly recommend.

1.21.2021,  Martindale-Hubell

Very good lawyer. Highly suggested. Does what he says. And on time of his email and phone to reply to you quick. And has a very professional attitude.

12.24.2020, H.S., Google

We retained Mr. Tuths without knowing a thing about him. He handled our matter efficiently and expeditiously. Most important, he was honest and forthright in our dealings and did not attempt to mislead us as to the likely result. And that result was as positive as might have been reasonably expected. I have no regrets about having retained him.

12.21.2020, N.G., Findlaw

Paul Tuths of Tuths and Tuths took all worries out of the situation. He clearly explained the process and potential outcomes. Once we selected a course of action he handled the whole process quickly and professionally. Fortunately we achieved the outcome discussed. I attribute the result to his expertise and reputation. I would highly recommend him.

12.12.2020, J. L., Findlaw

Paul secured a successful result for my first speeding ticket and was incredibly responsive and communicative. Also professional and courteous. Would recommend.

12.12.2020, Max S., Google

I had contacted him for a small case without any referral, worrying if it might not be a big enough work for him. But he returned my call within a couple hours even though he seemed to be overloaded. Since then, he explained to me exactly what to expect, what I have to prepare, and the timeline. He was always prompt to respond to my emails or to confirm the receipt of them, which I liked a lot. He also did not over promise the result. I was told I would need to pay some fine, but he made my case dismissed without the penalty. I found he was experienced, great communicator, sincere and hardworking attorney. Thank you so much!

11.13.2020, Yoko S., Findlaw

Needed immediate help with traffic ticket. He took charge immediately and got case resolved without drama or ill will.

11.13.2020, L. B., Google

I received a 6 point speeding ticket while traveling in Long Island. I live in the city and work every day, so returning to Long Island would have been hard on me. Paul simply requested an image of the ticket and informed me that I would not have to do anything more than communicate with him over the phone or via email. He appeared in court on my behalf and was able to get the charge reduced to a no point jaywalking violation.

10.28.2020, George K., Yelp

Paul was absolutely amazing. Delivered exactly what he promised on the initial phone conversation. You are in good hands here!! Look no more! you found what you are looking for!

10.20.2020. P.T., Google

Paul helped me with my speeding ticket and had it reduced to no points. It was one of the easiest most hassle free processes I’ve been through. totally worth it. Thank you!

10.06.2020, C-L. L., Findlaw

Recently I received a ticket for not stopping at stop sign. I had never received a ticket before. I was referred to Paul Tuths and he did a fabulous job explaining what the ticket meant and all the next steps I would be facing. Upon retaining him, he was able to represent me flawlessly and ultimately I did not get any points on my license. He was friendly, reassuring, and delivered a fabulous outcome. I highly recommend him. Delighted with his work.

10.15.2020, E.M., Findlaw

Paul Tuths was professional, responsive, detail oriented. He laid out exactly what to expect, then executed perfectly on what we discussed. I couldn’t have been happier with his service.

09.30.2020., R.C., Findlaw

Excellent lawyer! Very professional and intelligent. He was able to reduce my 6 points speeding ticket to no points parking violation with minimal fine. Thank you Paul!!!

09.10.2020, I.M., Google

Paul and his firm did exactly what they advertised. They were very responsive, very courteous, and handled my claim exactly as a proposed. This was a Suffolk county traffic and parking violations (speeding) which he reduced to a nonmoving violation. Paul was also very straightforward with me on whether I could represent myself in this court. Apparently representing yourself is not that difficult although after talking with him and friends of mine in the court system, I definitely got the feeling having representation is a more surefire way to go—and more importantly, with more consistent results. Whether you choose this law firm or someone else is up to you, however, I would not hesitate to hire Paul again as he was honest, straightforward, and completely transparent. He did exactly what he laid out and had great communication. Thanks for the work!

9.30.2020, T.B., Findlaw

Paul did an amazing job with my cases he always stayed in contact with me and answer all my questions at once…

09.08.2020, J.C., Findlaw

Paul was very easy to work with, and was able to get my speeding ticket reduced, saving me lots of money at the end of the day. I would definitely use Paul again for any future traffic-related situations I may encounter in the future.

08.17.2020, G.H., Findlaw

I have been very fortunate to have Mr. Paul Tuths be in charge for my case. Speeding ticket went to parking violation with no points just like that. So kind and professional, keeps you informed at all times and is willing to answer all your questions at any time. Thank you kindly Mr. Tuths.

07.13.2020. N. B., Findlaw

Paul was very upfront with pricing and was very clear with me throughout the whole process. I got a hefty ticket and he ended up getting it down to a zero point parking ticket. Paul also responded quickly to his emails. The experience could not have been smoother.

07.17.2020, W. B., Findlaw

Paul Tuths was extremely prompt, responsive, and helpful. His initial phone call put my mind at ease and from there it was nothing but a smooth journey until my matter was resolved.

07.12.2020, E.Y., FIndlaw

Very pleased with (Mr.) Tuths! After getting 5 DOT violations 9 hours from home I knew I needed someone I can trust. After talking to Paul I knew I could put my trust in him. I was pleased with the outcome and didn’t have to travel back for any court dates. Thank you, Paul!

07.11.2020, Levi S., Findlaw

After much online research I decided to hire Paul for a speeding ticket I received in Southampton. My goal was to get it reduced to a 0 point violation. After speaking with Paul directly he sounded confident and knowledgeable. Through the middle of the pandemic, Paul always stayed on top of my case and kept me updated. When the court date came he delivered exactly what I wanted! Paul is now my go-to attorney when it comes to traffic violations. I’ve already recommended him to friends and family who live out in the Hamptons. If you’re currently shopping for a lawyer for a traffic ticket, Paul is no doubt the man!!

6.19.2020, David L., Findlaw

Paul Tuths stayed in communication during the entire process and answered all questions quickly and accurately. My speeding ticket case was resolved positively. Highly recommended.

6.17.2020, Benjamin K., Findlaw

Paul helped negotiate my speeding ticket down significantly with a judge that was known to be way over harsh with sentencing. From the moment I reached out, he took care of everything. Worth every penny for what I invested with his service. Highly recommend!

6.1.2020, Kevin S., Google

Definitely would recommend. Was great to work with. Super responsive and got the job done. He did a great job!

6.1.2020, Martindale-Hubell

Paul is a pleasure to work with. My citation on moving violation was unfair and pretentious on behalf of policeman. I relayed circumstances to Paul and maintained my case. Thanks to him, all the accusations were dismissed. I was able to go with my daily business.

3.11.2020, Martindale-Hubell

Paul worked quickly to get my tickets taken care of. He did an excellent job. Communicated very well about all the happenings.

2.27.2020, John H., Findlaw

I retained Mr. Paul Tuths to represent me at a hearing at the Southampton Town Court. Paul is thoroughly professional, was great about returning calls and email, charges a reasonable fee, and, most important, delivers meaningful results. Without divulging my circumstances, he was able to get three traffic violations reduced to a single parking infraction. Paul’s fee more than paid for itself, in both potential fines and points. I owe Paul a debt of gratitude, and I recommend Paul without reservation.

2.26.2020, Avvo

Paul is very easy to work with and was able to reduce my tickets greatly allowing me to keep my license. I seem to have unbelievable luck when Paul is around. Highly recommend his services.

02.13.2020, Brian H., Google

Paul Tuths is actually better than his stellar reputation would lead you to believe – his kind demeanor and impeccable instincts were so welcome when I found myself in a no-win situation, but then he won my case! A true champion of the law, his discernment and timing were spot on. If you are in need of a spectacular and fair minded attorney, Paul is your best choice!

01.16.2020, Deborah L., Findlaw

Excellent lawyer! I had a moving violation in Sag Harbor. Paul handled everything really well. The best part was that once I passed it to him I didn’t really have to be involved that much and he handled everything. I would definitely suggest his services.

01.09.2020, Joseph D., Google

Extremely professional, clear communicator, effective.

01.09.2020, Findlaw

I made a great decision when I chose Paul to represent me. He explained the legal aspects of my case and explained at the start how the process worked. Paul responded promptly to any questions that I had throughout the process. I highly recommend him, as he is knowledgeable and professional.

12.31.2019, Martindale-Hubell

Paul recently helped me resolve a moving traffic violation. He was very responsive, professional, and most importantly, he obtained a satisfactory disposition of the violation. I would recommend him highly to anyone dealing with a moving violation in the Southampton area.

12.18.2019, Martindale-Hubell

Easy to work with fabulous result. Speeding ticket reduced to no points parking violation.

12.03.2019, Annette, Findlaw

Prompt communication. efficient service with the predicted result..just a traffic violation but it was a relief.

12.03.2019, Findlaw

I highly recommend Mr.Tuths He promised me to take care of my speeding ticket .He went to the court and he got my speeding ticket reduced to $75 parking ticket with zero point Thank you very much Mr. Tuths

12.2.2019, Martindale-Hubell

Best lawyer for tickets in the Hamptons. Paul was able to get my 4 point speeding ticket in EH down to a NO point fine quickly and efficiently. Thank you Paul.

11.20.2019, Marianna O., Google

Best lawyer in the Hamptons hands down – moves quickly and very reliable. Thank you Paul

10.31.2019, Pranav, Google

I would highly recommend Mr. Tuths. He was very responsive and efficient in my issue and feel very lucky to have found him.

10.22.19, G, Martindale-Hubell

Paul offered exceptional service. He walked me through the process and kept me informed every step of the way. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing assistance with traffic tickets. My charge was reduced significantly and zero points on my license! His fee is worth every penny. Thanks, Paul!

9.24.19, Bethany, Google

Amazing Lawyer , very efficient , if any time you have a traffic tkt , call him.

9.29.19, Alvaro, S. Yelp

Would highly recommend hiring Paul. He handled a significant speeding ticket for me in Southampton and got it reduced to zero points.

9.19.19, Cisco, Yelp

Excellent outcome for my son’s traffic ticket. Mr. Tuths is honest and reliable!

9.8.19, Martindale-Hubell

After receiving a ticket in the East Hampton, I looked for lawyers in the area and found Paul. Once Paul took my case He Told Me Exactly what will happen and how much fine i have to pay. my ticket was dropped to a no points violation. I highly recommend Paul for any of your traffic law needs in the Hamptons for incredibly professional service.

8.29.19, 205 Metro F, Yelp

I received a ticket for improper passing in the Hamptons, knowing how difficult traffic court is out there, and being a Nassau County resident I was not looking to drive out to deal with the ticket myself. I looked for lawyers in the area and found Paul, he was incredibly prompt in getting back to me with a price and gave me a good idea of what to expect. Once Paul took my case I received consistent updates as to the status of my ticket, when he would be appearing for me, and finally with good news, my ticket was dropped to a no points violation. I highly recommend Paul for any of your traffic law needs in the Hamptons for incredibly professional service and reasonable prices.

8.22.19, Austin T., Google

I can not say enough good words about this dedicated lawyer. He is amazingly professional! He provides constant feedback! He is efficient and well organized. He has great communication skills and is often in contact. Paul Tuths is an honest advocate whose diligence, calm manner and confidence has resulted in no points and a significantly lower fee than originally proposed. He has acquired the very best attorney skills imaginable through his many years of experience. He truly demonstrates a fine sense of what is reasonable and what is right and wrong, especially out East.

8.17.19, Mainely, Yelp

I had received a speeding ticket – my first since I was 19 – and was so worried that the points would increase my insurance premium. Paul promised to have the penalty reduced to zero points and a fine in the range of $100-175. He did better than that – 0 points and a $75 fine. He even arranged for me to have almost two months to pay. The results Paul delivered were well worth the fee. I worried that maybe hiring a lawyer was a mistake… it was the best thing I could have done.

8.9.19, Jennifer P., Google

Paul recently assisted me with a case involving a violation my daughter had received in Southampton. He was very informative, professional and always returned correspondence immediately. Most importantly, my daughters violation was decreased significantly. Highly recommended!

8.6.19, Lisa, Google

I highly recommend his office to anyone! Mr.Tuths got my husbands 4 point speeding ticket reduced to a violation, and zero points. He said he would get it reduced to less or no points and all, and that’s exactly what he did! Thanks to him our insurance won’t go up and my husband had no points on his license thanks to him! Thank you so much Mr.Tuths.

7.18.19, Nancy R., Yelp

Paul helped me with a speeding ticket in the Riverhead Town Court. He was very responsive to emails and phone calls and kept me updated at all times. Super helpful and knowledgeable! Highly recommend!

6.26.19, Ashley M, Yelp

We had a very positive experience working with Paul Tuths who provided representation for a traffic related issue. We are extremely happy with the outcome and the manner with which Paul conducted business.

6.28.19, Stephanie L., Google

I called Paul regarding a ticket I received. He asked me to send him all the documentation I had. He stayed in touch, advised me and represented me in court, where he had my ticket dismissed! Highly recommend him.

6.17.19, Patrice, Yelp

We were thrilled with what Paul was able to accomplish! My son was facing 8 points on his license and a hefty fine and with Paul’s help there were NO points on the license and only a $75 fine! No increase to our insurance! We are so grateful for his expertise and professionalism.

5.29.19, Martindale-Hubell

Paul was straightforward, efficient, kind and honest. Cannot recommend him highly enough!

5.27.19, Martindale-Hubell

I am so grateful that Paul was available to assist me in my traffic tickets. He was able to get the court to dismiss all tickets due to his due diligence. He communicated throughout the whole process and kept me at ease the entire time. I would 100% use Paul again if I was in a bind. Thank you!

5.24.19, Madison L., Yelp

Paul delivered a better result than expected. He was able to successfully have my 6-point speeding ticket in SH reduced to a no-point parking ticket with a small fine. He was extremely diligent and his services were impeccable. He is now on our speed dial.

5.14.19, Benoit L., Yelp

Paul is amazing. He saved me big time…..twice! He is a pleasure to deal with, very thorough, a good communicator, and gets incredible results. Everything I could ask for.

4.25.19, Martindale-Hubell

Paul was great! He took over our company ticket and handled it professionally and was very responsive. He was able to reduce the penalty and fine. Thank you again!

4.24.2019, Lily B. , Yelp

Like many people driving to the Hamptons I was pulled over for speeding. Since I was out of state, I didn’t know anyone to help me with this. It didn’t take long after asking around Southampton whom to contact. Attorney Tuths was prompt, professional and took care of my issue without any points on my license. Hopefully I wont require his services again but if I do Attorney Tuths is a trusted name I can turn to.

4.19.2019, Martindale-Hubell

I used Paul for 2 traffic violations. He was able to get one cancelled and a very reasonable outcome for the other one. I was very happy with the service provided and the outcome. I would happily recommend working with Paul.

4.18.2019, Martindale-Hubell

Paul was prompt, courteous, and achieved everything I asked for and more! He was able to get nine points of traffic violations down to zero with a very low fine. Quite frankly, I would’ve payed triple the price for the same results. Can’t recommend him enough!

4.9.19, Sarah E., Google

Paul was in constant communication about my ticket and was able to reduce it to zero points. Highly recommend.

2.26.19, Martindale-Hubell

Highly recommend Paul to anyone who needs an attorney to represent them in court for a speeding ticket. My case was a success and can’t be more thankful for the job well done.

2.26.19, Martindale-Hubell

Paul is a great lawyer. Won my ticket of 6 point speeding ticket. I would recommend him to anyone. I live in Brooklyn and he saved me the hassle of going there. Everything was done over the phone.

2.9.19, Shaikh H., Yelp

A no brainer. Paul is prompt, polite, and thorough. He lays it out plainly with no games or hidden fees/agenda. Do yourself a favor and trust Paul, I’m glad I did.

1.17.19, Martindale-Hubell

Paul handled my wife’s first speeding ticket amazingly. When I got one on the LIE, I immediately reached out to him. He did an incredible job – timely, professional, communicate and managed to get the best possible outcome (no points, fine). Highly recommend him!

1.15.19, Martindale-Hubell

Paul is a pleasure to work with. Had a 6 point speeding violation and he worked it down to a no point parking ticket. He handles everything and makes the whole process a breeze. I definitely recommend using him!

12.27.18, Jessica, Google

Paul provided white-glove service to deliver a wonderful outcome (lowest fine, no point outcome) for what was otherwise a very stressful (and, in my opinion, undeserved) moving violation situation. I can’t rave about him and his firm enough, and highly recommend him to anyone who drives in the Hamptons.

12.17.18, Martindale-Hubell

Paul Tuths was very personable and made me feel very comfortable with the required court protocol to resolve my case. He is a very good listener. He explained the possible outcomes for the case and the results he expected. Very reasonable fees and in my case a very satisfactory settlement. I would highly recommend him.

12.3.18, Ralph O., Yelp

I used Paul for my daughter’s speeding ticket in Southampton. He was very communicative, thoroughly explained all of our options and got us a very satisfactory outcome. I highly recommend him and would definitely use him again.

11.30.18, Martindale-Hubell

Using Paul to represent me was one of the best decisions of the year. Super efficient and communicative throughout the entire process. He was able to reduce a speeding ticket to a parking violation without points. Absolutely would recommend Paul.

11.15.18, Nicole R., Yelp

Paul was able to achieve our goals in a very easy and stress free manor. We were able to engage via phone and email and never needed to meet in person in his office or court. This saved us a lot of time and money. Would highly recommend him for traffic violations work.

11.19.18, Michael B., Yelp

Paul was great with dealing with my ticket. His communication and responsiveness to my emails was wonderful. Living in FL and dealing with a ticket in NY was made a lot easier thanks to Paul. I was also very pleased with his performance and the outcome of my traffic ticket. I highly recommend. You might be able to find someone to promise the same for cheaper as I did, but Paul’s professionalism made me at ease and truly feel I got what I paid for.

11.14.18, Thomas S., Yelp

Used Paul for my Daughter’s first speeding ticket (so proud). I was pleasantly surprised with his responsiveness and communication.  He secured a very successful result and followed-up accordingly with next steps. Would definitely recommend and use again. Thank you Paul.

10.25.2018, Martindale-Hubell

Paul is amazing! I was so frustrated after receiving a 6 point speeding violation in Suffolk County. After doing some extensive research I found Paul and gave him a call. As soon as he answered the phone, I knew I was in good hands. With his long standing reputation with the court and his friendly manner with everyone he meets, he turned my high point violation into a zero point with fine! He was very responsive to my questions and my concerns, and was was definitely worth every penny.

10.11.18, Ben T., Yelp

Very easy to work with. A real pleasure. I recommend him!

10.9.18, David S., Yelp

I have to admit that this is not the first time that I have used Paul G. Tuths to represent me for a traffic indiscretion! He is professional with great communication. He has provided me with more than satisfactory results… Highly recommended!!!!

8.23.18, Martindale-Hubell

Paul did a great job handling my case and getting me the results I was looking for. He always stayed in contact with me and was honest and straight forward. Moreover, his rates are surprisingly reasonable. A true professional, I highly recommend!

8.21.18, Martindale-Hubell

I highly recommend this office. From beginning to end by far the best experience i ve had. Very professional personel. The response time for all my questions and need was very fast. Paul Tuths is simply the best in his field. The negotiations with the court as far as my situation went as expected. If you need an Attorney let me tell you He is it.

8.22.18, Carlos, Google

My wife received a speeding ticket in the Town of Southampton which carried heavy points. After researching the market, we selected Paul to handle. He was prompt, cost-effective and helped us get out of a jam. There is no question that Paul is the right attorney for anyone in this type of jam. He is excellent.

7.27.18, Martindale-Hubell

Paul helped me handle a Southampton speeding ticket. He was very professional, very responsive, and handled the entire situation thoroughly. Very little work on my part was required. The outcome was successful. I would recommend him highly and without reservation.

7.17.2018, Martindale-Hubell

Hired Mr. Tuths to represent my boss for a cell phone ticket. No headaches, Mr. Tuths appeared on his behalf and got it down to a parking violation, no points. Would definitely recommend him!!

7.16.18, Jessica M., Yelp

Paul is amazing. Got back to me right away and resolved our issue exactly as he said he would. I would definitely use him again. Honest and very fair!

7.16.18, Martindale-Hubell

Took a 6 point violation and got it down to a parking violation with no points on my license. Choose Mr. Tuths if you want to save time, money, energy, and headaches!

6.14.18, Nicholas, Yelp

I have used Paul Tuths for a few different traffic tickets over the years. He is very prompt with his response to emails and phone calls. He has always been able to either get my tickets thrown out or reduced. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for help in these matters.

5.31.18, Martindale-Hubell

Paul Tuths provided prompt, efficient service and the highest level of professionalism in achieving an impressive result. I would recommend him highly.

5.31.18, Matindale-Hubell

I contacted Mr. Tuths after reading some reviews online and needed assistance with a ticket from East Hampton.
Upon contacting his office, we had a conversation and he explained the process, the potential outcome as well as his fee which was very reasonable. He responded very quickly to any email sent. More importantly, he got results. My ticket was reduced to a no-points equipment fine.
I do not hesitate to recommend him for any legal issue. He is true professional.

5.23.18, Martindale-Hubell

I have used Paul Tuths for a few different traffic tickets over the years. He is very prompt with his response to emails and phone calls. He has always been able to either get my tickets thrown out or reduced. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for help in these matters.

5.23.18, Martindale-Hubell

Mr.Tuths was professional, responsive to questions and did an excellent job.

5.23.18, Yelp

Paul was excellent. explained to me step by step the process an details of the situation and kept me updated at all times! Went to court for me and got my 6 point speeding ticket down to a no point parking violation. Absolutely recommend.

4.24.18, Gabi, Yelp

Paul was great to work with. He had my 6 point speeding violation reduced to a 0 point ticket, and he was always prompt with his correspondence and updated me on the process throughout. Very thorough and professional. Definitely recommend and worth the money.

4.23.18, Martindale-Hubell

Paul was amazing. He took care of everything and was very fast in getting everything resolved in my favor. Thanks for all you help and would recommend Paul to anyone.

4.16.18, Martindale-Hubell

Got a speeding ticket of 6 points but Paul was able to get it down to 0 points. Pricing was fair and didn’t have to miss any days of work for court. Very quick to respond to emails as well! Will continue to go to him.

4.12.18, Martindale-Hubell

Fantastic guy to work with. Great results with both cases of mine. I plan to keep Paul’s number nearby for next time!

4.5.18, Rob, Yelp

Paul was very friendly and easy to deal with. He got my 4 point violation reduced to 0 points and I didn’t need to appear in court. I was very happy with him representing me.

3.29.18, Tim, Yelp

Paul did an excellent job representing me [in Southampton Village court]. He made me feel at ease while handling my case and negotiated two moving violations down to one non-moving violation (no points). I would definitely use him again if I had to.

3.27.18, Edward, Yelp

Paul was immediately responsive to us (over the weekend) and very knowledgeable.   He managed to get a guilty plea on an 11-point speeding ticket set aside for my teenage son (who did not understand the implications of pleading guilty) and, in exchange for community service, the ticket was reduced to a 2-point non-moving violation.  I would highly recommend Paul for matters in the Southampton Town Court!

2.28.18, Beth, Yelp

Paul has been an excellent aid in understanding and resolving situations on a couple different occasions and has gone above and beyond to follow up and get things done. With professionalism and experience, I wouldn’t go anywhere else…even helped me when out of state.

2.23.18, Brian, Google

Paul was very instrumental in my case because he was able to represent me in the Sag Harbor court without me being present. This service saved me a great sum of time and money, and above all he was able to reduce my 4-point ticket to 0-points. I recommend Mr. Paul Tuths.

2.15.18, Omar H., Yelp

Paul did a great job! He was very straightforward and explained the entire process. I really liked that I got to talk to him directly without having to go through another person first. He accomplished exactly what he set out to do and it helped me a great deal.

2.10.18, Martindale-Hubell

Very happy with Paul and the service he provided. He was friendly, responsive, and his fee was fair. He did exactly what he said he would do, with no BS.

2.11.18, K.B., Google

I’ve used Mr. Tuths services on several times, all for moving violations in the Southampton NY area that he was able to get moved down to small no points parking violation type of fees.  He’s super responsive and handles everything in the case without any effort on my part (no appearance necessary).

12.14.17, William B., Yelp

Yet again I ran into a ticket issue, this time in Suffolk County Traffic Courts which I hear are much harder to deal with. I didn’t hesitate to call Mr. Tuths and yet again he came through for me. Highly recommend!

12.13.17, John F., Yelp

Paul was knowledgeable, quick and attentive. I had an speeding ticket at a hard court to have the points reduced, but because Paul was on top if it, paying attention to all details the ticket got dismissed. I’m not the type that speeds, and that was my first offense ever, in over 15 years. I’ve learned my lesson, but I’m very pleased I won’t have points on my license. Thank you Paul Tuths.

11.16.17, Google

Faced a 4 point speeding ticket that Paul got reduced to 0 points! Amazing job, very easy to talk to and super personable. Money well spent, thank you so much!

10.18.17, Martindale-Hubell

Paul represented me for a ticket I received in Sag Harbor. His response was quick and clear. Fortunately, my ticket got dismissed thanks to him! I understand this isn’t always the case, but he was able to make it happen for me. So grateful, highly recommended.

10.7.17, Martindale-Hubell

Paul (was) responsive and professional in all of my dealings with him.
He represented me without my having to appear, which saved me time and money, and helped negotiate a no-point outcome for a 5-point ticket that might have raised my insurance rates.
If you have a ticket in Southampton Village and don’t have the time or inclination to appear and defend yourself, you should absolutely engage Paul for help.

10.8.17, Jay L., Yelp

Paul is amazing! A consummate professional who delivered results that far surpassed my expectations. I’m so grateful to have found him and I highly recommend that anyone facing moving violation tickets hire this magician of an attorney.

9.27.17, L.K., Yelp

When I received a fine and points I considered grossly unfair, I looked for a defense attorney on the internet and fortunately found Paul Tuths. I was particularly unhappy to get points on my record for the first time. Paul handled the matter without fuss, got the fine substantially reduced, the points eliminated and charged a very reasonable fee. He clearly explained each step of the proceeding. Paul impressed me as a reliable professional that I am happy to recommend to anyone in similar need.

9.6.17, Martindale-Hubell

I am a NJ resident who received a traffic violation in Southampton, NY. Paul was quick to respond to my inquiry and all communications, He clearly explained the process and got a result that was even better than I expected. It was reassuring to work with him and I found his fees to be more than reasonable. I highly recommend him.

8.14.17, Martindale-Hubell

This gentleman is amazing. He did everything he said he was going to do. 100% honest and truthful individual. Could have been many points, but he got me no points at all with a minor fine. Cannot say enough about Paul, but my suggestion is to use him rather than someone else if you want a great lawyer. Paul is definitely the man. Thanks.

8.10.17, David, Yelp

I had gotten pulled over in westhampton beach and charged with a speeding violation, and subsequently, driving with a suspended license (without knowing). As irresponsible as it was, I waited until just a few days before my trial to call Paul Tuths. Despite the short notice, he managed to talk me out of 3+ points and potentially losing my license and all I had to do was a pay a relatively small fine. As others have noted, he is a wizard. Very knowledgeable, experienced, and easy to communicate with. Highly recommended!

8.3.17, Brian, Yelp

Paul handled our case extremely professionally. He described how the process would work, communicated with us along the way and achieved the expected results with very little required on our part. I recommend him highly.

7.26.17, Martindale-Hubell

Paul was quick to respond to my every communication, explained the process very well and got a result that was even better than expected. I highly recommend him. It was an excellent experience.

6.28.17, Martindale-Hubell

You can count on Paul Tuths to  a) explain thoroughly the various potential scenarios/options
b) be precise with what he needs from you in order to adequately represent you
c) do the absolute best he can to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.
He did so for me and I am very grateful.
100% he is the way to go.
Thank you Paul and thank you to the previous reviewers who helped me decide to contact him.

5.24.2017, M.P., Yelp

Paul did a great job of communicating and explaining the process for handling the matter. He set my expectations for the outcome in a realistic manner and exceeded them. His rates are very reasonable.

5.7.2017, Martindale-Hubell

Paul is extremely professional and an outstanding communicator, he is also a man of his words. I was blown away by how quickly he responded to my inquiry and how available he made himself throughout the course of my case. He was able to take an 8-point speeding ticket and turn it into a 0-point parking violation. His rate was very reasonable and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. He saved me a lot of time, effort and money. I highly recommend going with Paul for all of you legal needs.

4.28.17, K.P., Yelp

Paul is very knowledgeable in his field and gives realistic views on potential outcomes. His professional opinion on my case was 100% accurate and the outcome was exactly as he described it would be.

4.20.17, Martindale-Hubell

Paul was able to beat 2 of my speeding tickets. I highly recommend his services. Thank you, Paul

4.19.17, Avvo

Paul was immediately responsive, very helpful in guiding me in the process and got me an outstanding result.            V happy.

4.7.17, Martindale-Hubell

This is the second time I reached out to Paul for services, he is very responsive, efficient and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend!!

4.6.17, Martindale-Hubell

I found Paul online, I live in another state and found out I had old tickets and didn’t know how to go about finding what they, the first thing I loved about Mr Tuths is that he always answers his own call, he was very efficient, and speedy, his fee was very affordable, and he was always professional and kind I’m glad I went with my first instincts and used his services he’s amazing.

4.6.17, Martindale-Hubell

When I reached out to Paul relating to my speeding ticket, he was very honest and straightforward with the process and expectations. I really appreciate his prompt responses and guidance. He really helped me avoid points on my license.

3.25.17, Lisa L., Yelp

Paul is a wizard.  A magical law wizard who gets things done and is very communicative!  I chose him based on the reviews I found online and I was not disappointed.  What would have been points and a large fine was reduced significantly and I couldn’t be more pleased.  I’m very happy with the results and will recommend him to everyone!

3.12.17, Bklyn B, Yelp

I was attracted to Paul because of a blog post he had written. In addition to being objective, witty and personable, it was about a story/incident that I could easily relate to. He walked me through the process I was confronting and executed as promised; saving me significant time and expense.

2.15.17, Martindale-Hubell

Mr. Tuths delivered as promised in reducing my ticket in Southold courts so I would not have points nor a moving violation on my record.

2.11.17, Yelp

Paul is very knowledgeable, responsive and extremely professional and effective.

2.3.17, Martindale-Hubell

Paul Tuths assisted me with a traffic violation. I found him to be highly professional, very responsive and extremely capable. He achieved a fantastic result in a timely manner and kept me well-informed throughout the entire process. I could not recommend him more highly.

1.20.2017, Martindale-Hubell

Paul is a pro and very easy to deal with. He got my a 6-point speeding ticket reduced to a 0-point parking violation with only a small fine. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

1.2.17, Adam K., Yelp

Mr. Tuths allowed my ticket and all points to be dismissed! He’s the best! I would recommend him to anyone in need.

12.16.16, Joseph M., Yelp

I am very happy with the services received. I was issued a speeding ticket for going 46 mph in a 20 mph school zone. However, the flashing lights indicating the 20 mph speed limit were off when I was issued the ticket. Paul successfully negotiated what would have been a 6 point school zone speeding ticket reduced to a violation of VTL 1202A which is a no points parking violation. The Judge imposed a fine of $50.00 and gave 30 days time to pay the fine. I highly recommend Paul.  [NOTE by PGT: Southampton Town Court case]

12.29.16, Martindale-Hubell

I’m from out of state and received traffic tickets pertaining to DOT violations. I hired Paul to save me from having to travel to Southampton for a court date. Paul not only represented me, and saved a 600 mile trip, but he had all four of my tickets completely dismissed. He made the whole process very easy and I highly recommend Paul and his
superb service.

12.16.16, Martindale-Hubell

What would have been over 3 points [NOTE: actually 5 points] and a hefty fine, for using a cell phone while driving, turned out to be just a fine, thanks to the very knowledgeable and experienced Paul Tuths, my fine was reduced to a parking ticket with a far less expensive fine. I would highly recommend him for any traffic or moving violation, especially in the town of Southampton.

11.3.16, Lisa C., Yelp

…From the initial phone call to the final correspondence, Mr. Tuths Esq was incredibly responsive and understanding of my needs…. Thank you Paul.

10.17.16, Jon M., Yelp

Absolutely fantastic! Could not have asked for a better result with handling my traffic ticket.  I haven’t ever worked with a lawyer before, and working with Paul sold me on the experience.  I would absolutely recommend him.

10.6.2016, Rob, Yelp

Paul is very professional and has good understanding of southampton court. I got the speeding ticket on 7/3/2016 for 85 on 55 mph limit and Paul represented me and negotiated to no point parking violation. Thanks Paul for your assistance !!

9.7.16, Rahul J., Yelp

Paul was extremely responsive and 100% effective for my needs. I can’t praise his work enough!
9.6.16, Martindale-Hubell

Paul helped me knock down a 3 points ticket to zero point parking ticket. Very professional service.

9.7.16, Smh S., Yelp

Mr Tuths was fantastic! He got my 4 points violation down to zero points. He communicated continuously throughout the process and made me feel at ease about the choices and options I had. If I was ever to get another ticket he would be my first call. His rate was also reasonable.

8.7.16, Stephanie B., Yelp

Excellent service, He reach the promised goal.

7.31.16, Tsvyatko I., Yelp

Very professional, provided updates along every step, great results.

5.27.16, Martindale-Hubbell

Paul contacted me immediately after I phoned him. I was treated with courtesy and professionalism. He outlined the entire process, answered all my questions, and stayed in touch with me until the moving violation ticket was successfully taken care of. I would not hesitate to contact him again if needed (hopefully not) nor would I hesitate to recommend his services to any of my friends. Thank you Paul

5.2.16, Bill E., Yelp

Contacted Paul and was almost guaranteed a reduced violation to no points and lowered fine. As expected the moving violation became a parking ticket. Communication was very good and process was easy.

5.3.16, Thomas B., Yelp

The moment I contacted Paul, I knew I had done the right thing. He was able to successfully negotiate what would have been a 6 point moving violation to a parking violation. What a fantastic outcome! Thanks Paul

4.20.16, James M., Yelp

Paul recently worked with me and could not have been more professional and helpful. I had a ticket that I was hoping to get reduced and he explained the whole process to me including how he could help. He went to court in my place and had amazing results, I was so relieved. I would HIGHLY recommend Paul to anyone in the area – a really great business!

3.16.2016, Nicole M., Yelp

Paul knows what he is doing!!  He kept me informed of what was going on the whole time.  He answered any questions I had within the day.  He got my ticket reduced to exactly what he said it would be.  Thank you so much!  Hopefully I won’t need your help again, but if I do, I will be back!

2.19.16, Jennifer A., Yelp

Paul G. Tuths did a fantastic job!! The best outcome possible. The ticket got dismissed. Paul did communicate great and I felt in the best hands with him from the get go. I am so grateful for his help.
Thank you so much again for your professionalism, knowledge, and expertise.                                                          1.20.16, Alexandra M., Yelp

I would recommend Paul if you would like a great Attorney to represent you. He is very responsive, reasonable, organized and his quality of work is A+! We thank you Paul for all you have done!!
1.11.16, Martindale-Hubell.

Did a great job handling my tickets. Very professional and provided personal communication throughout the whole process. Also, the outcome of my tickets were as promised. Thank you!
1.7.16, K. , Yelp

I made a mistake and got my first speeding ticket. Calling Paul Tuths was the best decision I could have made. He explained the process clearly, explained what might happen, and did exactly what he said he’d do. His fees are reasonable and he is utterly trustworthy. I don’t think you can do better than that.
12.28.15, Seth K., Yelp

Speeding ticket reduced to parking violation – effortless, efficient and done as promised.                                                   Absolutely recommend.                                                                                                                                                           11.21.15, Martindale-Hubell

I am a scientist at a national laboratory and have very little spare time.  I contacted Paul Tuths about a speeding violation I received on the LIE.  He made it easy to provide the supporting information for my case, and communicated clearly and concisely.  He went to court on my behalf and was able to get points removed (my goal).  I would absolutely recommend Paul to others.
11.18.15, Ryan T., Yelp

Very satisfied with Paul and his services. I got a stop sign ticket in Suffolk ($255 and 3 points). Paul downgraded it to a “pedestrian failing to yield at a crosswalk” ($50 and no point). I highly recommend him!
11.15.15, Alexsandr U., Yelp

I got my first speeding ticket and was panicking about what to do as it was a 6-point violation. After searching on the internet for a lawyer in Southampton, I found this yelp page. I pulled out my phone and immediately called for a consultation. Paul took the time to talk with me over the phone. He provided me with answers to all my questions and what his expectations are on the outcome. Paul handled everything once I emailed him my ticket, filled out the paperwork, and sent my payment. During the process, Paul answered any questions I still had professionally via email. A month later, he contacted me of the results; he was able to reduce my speeding ticket to a no-point parking violation. I am extremely satisfied and would recommend him to anyone who needed a traffic lawyer. Thanks again Paul!
11.11.15, Amy S., Yelp

Paul was successful in getting a 6 point/400 dollar speeding ticket reduced to a $175 parking violation. He made the entire process totally effortless. We highly recommend him and would absolutely retain him again.
10.22.15, Martindale-Hubell

Very pleased with Paul. Fast service ,great communication. five ***** and thank you Paul!
10.20.15, Vlad, Yelp

Paul is amazing. Great communication. He explained what would happen to my ticket and what to expect, but the outcome was even better as the ticket was dismissed entirely. I highly recommend him! Very pleased!
10.6.15, Claas, Yelp

I couldn’t have be happier. Paul was amazing and is very competitively priced but I must say he is worth a lot more. I spoke with 3 different lawyers regarding this speeding ticket and Paul was the only one that could reassure me that he could get this 29 miles over the speed limit ticket reduced to a parking violation with no point reduction. Everything went just as he said and I am so thankful. Thank you Paul! I definitely will refer you to anyone in need.
9.10.15, Mary, Yelp

As you promised you knocked off 6 pts. Downgraded my speeding violation to Parking only w/o points. You are the man of your words. Hopefully will not get tickets in the future, But if I do, no doubt will use your services.
8.15.15, Eli, Yelp

Awesome guy. got my 4 points speeding ticket to be pleaded to zero point violation in a month. he was very clear on everything since the beginning. everything was done by email, i never had to go to his office or the court. fast response from him. also reasonable fee compared to other lawyers in that area. sure will go to him if i ever need a lawyer again. thanks paul
7.1.15, Muaz C., Yelp

I have had to turn to Paul for help around a couple of traffic violations. Paul has been excellent; things got resolved exactly as he had indicated. Recommend him highly.

Mr Tuths was very responsive and attentive to my matter and brought it promptly to a very satisfactory conclusion. I find his service and professionalism exemplary. I recommend him without reservation.
6.18.15, M.M., Yelp

Very easy to deal with. Very reasonable costs. Great Results.

Paul is a lifesaver. Long story short, I was clocked on the radar going a little too fast on the highway during a rough night with nobody on the road, just missing the triple digits. Having a clean record, I thought I would get a lenient plea deal at court. However, I was given 43 hours of community service along with points and a fine, probably one of the harshest deals I could have ever gotten out of it. I accepted it, but realized that it was completely unmanageable to complete these hours as a full-time college student and athlete that works a full-time job. Every attorney I called told me it was too late and to suck it up. I thought I was a goner, and I would have to drop out of school. That was until I called Paul, who told me “it’s not done until it’s done” and offered to appear in court for me to get a better plea deal. He managed to get the fine and points reduced while eliminating ALL of the community service hours. I can’t thank Paul enough, I feel so grateful I found him. Highly recommend.
5.6.15, Dan B., Yelp

I sought out legal assistance to resolve a number of long neglected issues related to my NY State drivers license. After speaking with Paul and providing my old files on the case, he immediately began investigating and within a few days had gone to the courthouse and had the entire case dismissed and got my driving privileges in NY reinstated. Paul was proactive, responsive and highly effective. I highly recommend him and would use his services again should the need arise.

Very, very pleased with Paul and his services. He took the time to explain how my speeding ticket in the Suffolk court would be handled (78 in a 55), and ended up with a parking offense, no points, and a hefty fine. Would highly recommend him. Very professional and personable, and his fee much more reasonable than others I spoke with. Thanks, Paul!
2.25.15,Susan N., Yelp

I found Paul after extensive google searching for a traffic attorney in Suffolk (was supposedly speeding on LIE, oops). I picked him over a very aggressively marketed competitor of his because of the sincerity of his traffic law blog, good online reviews, and as it later turned out lower fee. Paul emailed me within a few hours of me filling out his contact form online and then spent about half an hour on the phone with me the next day explaining his policies, possible outcomes, and what he anticipated my outcome would be based on his experience doing this. He made sure I understood everything I needed to, which I appreciated.

Once I filled out the contract and sent him a scan of my ticket and payment, he told me to forget about the ticket for the time being, he will contact me when it was up in court. True to his word, roughly a month later I got an email from Paul saying he would be going to court on my case that week, and a few days later got an email that he obtained a favorable outcome (which was as he had anticipated during our initial phone call).
Overall I am very happy with Paul’s help, particularly for the time he took to speak to me and explain everything. Should I ever need legal services (I’m pretty sure he does other stuff than traffic as well) I wouldn’t hesitate to call Paul again.
1.26.15, Vitaly N., Yelp

Paul exceeded my expectations ! Highly highly recommendable and very professional. Would use his services again !
2.3.15, Guy P., Yelp

Having been stopped for a driving violation it was a major relief to have great representation. I was fortunate to have been told of Paul Tuths by a family friend he was so so straight forward, honest and he delivered. I am happy to pay it forward it was worth the call he is a awesome attorney.

Paul was attentive, responsive and got the job done in the timing and manner that he had originally discussed with me. Working with him was seamless and effective. I was pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend him.

Paul and his firm were able to handle all my traffic needs without me even having to attend court! They rendered me a better verdict than I even hoped for! I highly recommend them!!!!
12.18.14, Carol S.,Yelp

Paul responded promptly to my inquiry, was easily reached and very responsive. He provided regular updates and obtained a very favorable disposition of my case.

I should have started with Mr. Tuths from the beginning of my daughter’s traffic violation.
He performed amazingly. The outcome was not even dreamed of. Will hire his services again.

Mr. Tuths was very profession and clear in his communication of what he would execute in court representing our son for an out of state traffic violation. He was concise in what he needed from us and outlined the options to best handle this violation. The outcome was exactly what he described and he provided excellent service. I would recommend him to others.

Outstanding service was provided by Paul Tuths. Represented me in East Hampton Traffic Court and was able to reduce the points for my infraction. Excellent communication throughout the process and kept me in the loop. Clearly understood and explained what my options were. I would highly recommend using his services.

Paul was very responsive and very willing to help. He explained the process to me step by step. He was successful in knocking down my 6 point ticket to a no point ticket! I am very happy with Paul and his services and would recommend him to anyone.

I have not dealt with traffic violations in a while. Paul is a seasoned lawyer with great communication. With Paul’s representation, my ticket was dropped. Look no further, highly recommend….

Great lawyer, good price and the most important, he did what he said he was going to do. He responded to all my emails no matter what time I wrote them. Kept me informed the whole time. Will recommend to everyone I know!!!

Got a speeding ticket on 27 in southampton from a state trooper. 6 pts + $425 fine. Paul got it reduced to a no points parking violation and $155 fine. Never worked with Mr. Tuths before but if I ever need his help again, I’ll definitely call him.

Very friendly and extremely professional.

Paul did everything he promised. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

I got my first traffic ticket months ago, which was a 6 points speeding ticket. As a newbie driver I got so panic since the points will stay with me for years. I contacted Paul, who later explained how the procedure works and made me feel much better. We kept in touch, and Paul kept replying all my emails /phone calls in a very timely manner.This afternoon, Paul succeed on reducing my 6 point violation into a 0-point non-moving violation!! Excellent work, Paul.

Paul is a reliable professional who has very successfully navigated traffic violations reductions/dismissals on two occasions. His entire process is straightforward and he follows up appropriately providing just the right level of information needed. I would highly recommend him.

Paul makes the entire process of contesting a ticket exceedingly easy and painless — and does so at an incredibly affordable rate. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Paul performed superbly on my behalf in court with two moving violation citations.
Both were dismissed! He did all the work. I didn’t have to appear on my court date. He kept me advised throughout the process and promptly notified me of my successful outcome. I recommend him highly.

Paul was very clear, efficient & responsive throughout the process.
He made the process easy and he successfully had my traffic infraction dismissed.
Great job and thank you.

Responsive, knows his stuff, got me completely out of a DOUBLE ticket! thanks Paul –
highly recommend

Paul Tuths was extremely professional and made the process very simple and easy for us. He was very responsive and got the result we were hoping for. I would definitely use Paul again in the future and would highly recommend him.

I had an over-the-top speeding ticket, and when faced with the possiblity of having my license revoked and/or my insurance skyrocketing, Paul worked things out so that I ended up with only a parking ticket
and $150 fine. That’s quality service.

I was very pleased with the ease of this process. Paul handled my case with expertise and efficiency.

Paul is very experienced and shares a lot of his knowledge both pre and post representation.
I would highly recommend his services to those who are in need.

After contacting Mr. Tuths in reference to a speeding ticket which I thought was issued in a questionable manner, he helped me fight the ticket and reduce the charge substantially. He appeared on my behalf, making my life much easier. I would strongly recommend using his services if you are in need of an attorney on the East End.

Paul assisted me in getting a speeding ticket reduced to a non-moving violation with a reduced fine and no points added to my license. I would recommend his services if you find yourself with a speeding ticket in Riverhead in Southampton area. Definitely money well spent.

Quick and to the point. Very confident. Came out on top. Got my speeding ticket reduced to no points parking violation. I was very happy with the results. And was very confident in him as he was very confident in himself.

Paul was fantastic to deal with, built a very thorough case, and landed me a fantastic result.
Couldn’t recommend him more highly. Thank you Paul!

As an individual currently in Law School, it was a learning experience to see Paul handle my matter with such care and attentiveness. He did exactly what he stated he was going to do from the start and kept me in the loop the entire time. He really made the whole process extremely easy.
I will without a doubt refer anyone out in Long Island to Paul. Thanks for handling everything so professionally and lessening the burden in the legal matter.

We have received excellent service and avoided heavy penalties for traffic violations.

I am very happy with the level and professional service we received from Paul. I would recommend Paul to anyone who has a traffic issue. Paul was very responsive to all my questions and answered all quickly and professionally.

I had spoken to 4 other law firms prior to contacting Mr. Tuths and felt immediately at ease with him.
He was knowledgeable, confident, easy to communicate with, and answered all of my questions patiently. It was an outstanding value for the money. I would strongly recommend him.

I would highly recommend Paul G Tuths for any and all traffic violations, his service was outstanding!

Paul was a fantastic choice to defend me in court on my traffic ticket in Southampton Town Court.
I received a mandatory appearance traffic violation for speeding in Southampton (cited for going 74 in a 35-although I would dispute that). Paul was honest and upfront with me from the beginning. He was able to plea with the court and got the consequences down to a 0-point parking violation and only $120 in court fines! Thanks for everything Paul!

Please note: Prior case results do not guarantee a similar outcome and results vary from court to court.